GoldTach Pro

GoldTach Personal Firewall is an Internet security tool

GoldTach Personal Firewall is a small Internet security tool. It has a personal firewall, controls for communication processes, protection for email by changing the attachment extension, and content filtering for web pages.

This program can prevent viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious software from infecting your computer. It also blocks most pop-up ads, cookies, and WSH scripts.

The program checks and controls all the IP packets that pass through your Internet interface, including those from the Windows NDIS layer, TDI layer, and APP layer.

GoldTach Personal Firewall supports multiple languages. The program also includes something called IE Restorer, which enables you to quickly restore Internet Explorer's default settings.

Home users and business users can use this program to protect a single computer as well as a network of computers. GoldTach Personal Firewall runs quickly and can do multiple things in one process.

GoldTach Pro


GoldTach Pro